The most important way you can help us is by praying for vocations.
Here is a prayer which was written for the Carmelite nuns for that purpose.


Mary, Beauty of Carmel, just as in the Upper Room,
you watched over the origins of the Church,
so now the Church's journey is entrusted in a
special way to the loving hearts of cloistered nuns.
With great confidence in the power of your
heavenly intercession, we ask you to watch over
and bless all the Carmelite Nuns and, in particular,
the community that worships Our Lord, Jesus Christ
in Denmark, Wisconsin.

Obtain for these Nuns a daily increase of the
virtues of faith, hope, and love that will
empower them, in prayer, to obtain every blessing from
Our Heavenly Father's hands for the good of souls.
May their lives of hidden prayer strengthen the
Diocese of Green Bay and the entire Church.
Through the grace of Christ, draw many young women
to enter the Monastery of the Holy Name of Jesus.
Holy Mother, share with the Nuns of Denmark your
love of Jesus' Priesthood.  May the Monastery make
visible on earth the Heavenly Kingdom which is
our life, our sweetness, and our hope.  Amen.



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